Florida Town Bans Nightclubs, Skating Rinks in Attempt to Lower Crime

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Carey Russell Photography / Getty Images

Finally, a sanctuary for the anti-fun. The city of Weston, Fla., has officially banned nightclubs, dance halls and even skating rinks, presumably lest they serve as fronts for secret nightclubs or dance halls.

A new ordinance prevents these types of businesses from ever cropping up in the South Florida city, theĀ South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. According to Mayor Eric Hersh, the decision is a “non-issue,” as Weston officials have always worked to keep the suburban city free of clubs and dance halls.

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The primary motives for the ban include curbing crime andĀ  keeping out unruly crowds. Last year, instances of gunfire in or around South Florida nightclubs doubled, the Sun Sentinel reports. Also contributing to the ruling were concerns surrounding the use of alcohol and narcotics at clubs, along with the accompanying noise and traffic problems.

Luckily, though, school dances have gotten the green light, and everyone knows school dances are the epitome of fun. Activities at the local YMCA aren’t blacklisted, either. If, somehow, those don’t provide the rollicking good time Weston residents desire, they can head to neighboring cities like Davie or Pembroke Pines to let loose, legally.

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