Woman Asks Kickstarter to Fund Her Rainbow Birthday Parade

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Jessi Arrington celebrates her birthday colorfully at the world's first Rainbow Birthday Parade in New York City last year.

Peer-to-peer funding sites like Kickstarter can help struggling bands pay for tours, finance new T.V. shows — and help a New York gal throw herself a colorful birthday parade?

Jessi Arrington wants your help to subsidize the world’s largest Rainbow Birthday Parade. What exactly is a Rainbow Parade, you ask? As Arrington describes it, everyone you know dresses head-to-toe in one color, lines themselves up according to Roy G. Biv and hits the streets of New York. (Toss in a marching band for maximum effectiveness.) She hosted the first one in honor of her birth last year and is now asking the citizens of the web for $1,500 to make this year’s extravaganza even better. To ensure that the parade lives up to the title of world’s largest, RecordSetter will be on hand to officiate. All money raised will go towards parade “essentials” like a 20-piece marching band, streamers and balloons.

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Reaction to Arrington’s desire to make the world a more colourful place have been mixed. She’s been called “oblivious” and a symbol of pretty much everything that’s wrong with Brooklyn. But despite the backlash, the graphic designer and self-professed “color-lover” reached her $1,500 goal in just a few days. Right now, the grand total stands at $3,190 with two more weeks to go until the April 28 event. With all that extra cash, Arrington promises a “special surprise to help make the world a more colorful place.”

Judge for yourself: You can check out Arrington’s plea for support here.