Reading While Eating for April 16: Itty-Bitty Edition

Monday's links feature little animals, little kids and little violations of the law.

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Gene Blevins / Reuters

Storm-chasing photographer Brad Mack takes a picture of a tornado as it makes its way over the 135 freeway near Moundridge, Kansas, on April 14, 2012, the third day of severe weather and multiple tornado sightings.

Reading Material: Need some inspiration to get work done? Head to one of these breathtakingly beautiful public libraries. (Flavorwire)

He’s Back: A hologram version of departed rapper Tupac Shakur played a set at Coachella. Yup, seriously. (The Daily What)

Education Nation: If America’s schools fail, does that mean the terrorists win? (TIME Ideas)

Mini Criminals: Do small-town governments really have this much free time? Here are 6 illicit lemonade stands shut down by the man. (Mental Floss)

Cute Break: It’s Monday. You’re groggy. Here are 33 photos of animals posing with stuffed-animal versions of themselves. (BuzzFeed)

Tough Jobs: Watch this worker use a forklift to drop a quarter into a soda bottle. Skip to 1:50 if you’re impatient. (Viral Viral Videos)