Reading While Eating for April 17: Recently Retro

Tuesday's links remember the days when Chelsea Clinton and Mike Tyson dominated headlines — and examine their returns to fame.

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David McNew / Reuters

People watch a performance on the last night of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, April 15, 2012

Growing Pains: Chelsea Clinton may have shed her awkward preteen image, but she’s not quite blossoming in her new gig at NBC. (BuzzFeed)

Called It: Back in the 1980s, an Encyclopedia Britannica employee teamed with illustrators to, essentially, predict Wikipedia. (The Daily What)

One-Two Punch: Mike Tyson takes the stage in one of the most bizarre one-man shows to hit Las Vegas. (TIME Entertainment)

Zombie Prep: This is where your hard-earned tax dollars go: to government agencies predicting apocalypse scenarios. (Mental Floss)

Fancy Feast: The well-heeled elite only eat sandwiches that are patterned to look like porcelain plates. (Flavorwire)

Cute Quotient: Why use an alarm clock when your cat can repeatedly make loud noises at 5 a.m? (Viral Viral Videos)