Burger King Japan Lets You Quintuple the Bacon on Your Burger

You can truly have it your way — as long as you don't mind the clogged arteries.

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It seems like Burger King has been on a round of Extreme Makeover: Menu Edition.  From their $750 million health-conscious menu revamp in the U.S. to their introduction of the bacon sundae (being tested in Nashville), the fast-food chain seems to be going in two directions. One is in the direction of healthier choices, while the other just seems to be about more, well, more bacon.

Burger King’s Japan restaurants recently introduced the option of super-sizing just the bacon portion of their famed Whoppers, according to a post on Gawker. For around 100 yen (which is about $1.25) customers can get an extra 15 strips of bacon on their burger. That’s 500% more bacon.

This new bacon craze isn’t just contained to Burger King, however. TIME Ideas columnist and meat expert Josh Ozersky was recently featured on a segment of ABC’s Nightline that was all about bacon, and according to his recent column defending the meat, we are in a “golden age of bacon.”

From super-sized bacon Whoppers to bacon coffins to bacon reality shows, it really does seem like bacon is taking over our hearts. (But mostly our arteries.)

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