Meet the World’s Most Downloaded Man

He's tall, dreamy and every photographer's worst nightmare.

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You’ve probably seen him shaving on a billboard, trying on stylish sunglasses in a magazine and laughing on a website somewhere. Jesper Bruun is everywhere. He’s like Big Brother, except instead of watching you, you’re watching him. Bruun is a Danish model with the most popular face in the stock image market and holds the title of “the world’s most downloaded man,” Fast Company reports.

For photographer Fernado Martins, the head of Brazil’s Câmera Clara Photography Studio, Bruun is a problem. Stock photos have been stripping Martins of his business as more and more clients are choosing stock images over original photography. So what does this tall, beautiful model have that Martins’ original photography lacks? He travels to Brunn’s home in Denmark to find out.

Brazilian agency Filadélfia, brings us a five-minute short of their exchange. Bruun is good-natured enough and him and Martins make pleasant if awkward conversation about favorite colors, definitions of success and animal reincarnations.

Photographers losing their work to stock photo companies is not a new phenomenon and with companies like Getty Images paging through Flickr to collect and pay for images, it seems like the need for professional photographers is decreasing. But a 2010 study shows that generic stock images are largely ignored by viewers online. Maybe companies will take note and photographers like Martins won’t have to compete as heavily with stock image websites. Until then, be prepared to see Bruun in an ad near you.

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