Reading While Eating for April 19: Blowing Up

Thursday's links talk booming industries, pop music trends and even exploding everyday items.

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Toby Melville / Reuters

Giulia Lapi and Mariangela Perrupato of Italy perform in the Duets Technical Routine during a synchronized swimming qualification event at the Aquatic Centre at Olympic Park in east London, April 18, 2012.

Edge of Glory: Have pop stars killed the rebellious, challenging nature of the rock star? (Flavorwire)

Tech’s Next Move: After Facebook games and local, mobile apps, what’s next for tech startups? Nobody’s quite sure. (The Atlantic)

Making History: The scattered artifacts from President Lincoln’s assassination make for one morbid road trip. (Mental Floss)

Heating Up: Among the industries bucking the recession? Manufacturers of hot sauce and self-tanner. (TIME Business)

Pick Me Up: Having a rough day? Use these 10 steps to instantly become more optimistic. And yes, there are puppies involved. (BuzzFeed)

Viral Video: Watch things get destroyed in super-slow motion, because why not? (Gawker)