Meet Anders Breivik’s American Pen Pal

“I dream of meeting Breivik,” 23-year-old Kevin Forts told a Norwegian tabloid.

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With each passing day, Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik appears increasingly remorseless and smug during his ongoing trial for the murders of 77 people, and with each passing day the crimes he’s accused of look even more reprehensible. It is most people’s idea of a nightmare even to be in the same room as the murderous extremist.

But not all people.

Meet 23-year-old Kevin Forts of Worcester, Mass., who says it is his “dream” to meet the fanatical right-wing killer and that he agrees with his “cause” of fighting “cultural Marxism and the Islamization of Norway.”

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In this videotaped interview with a reporter from Norwegian tabloid VG, Forts calls Breivik’s bombing of government offices in Oslo and the systematic executions of 69 people at a youth camp on the nearby island of Utoya a “necessary political sacrifice.” The deliberate killing of small children, he says, was “atrocious but necessary” in that it raised awareness for his cause.

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In February, Forts became so fascinated with the jailed Breivik that he began to send him letters as a way of  “showing him support,” — rather than sending Breivik money, which he apparently declined to do after finding it would be redirected to a fund for the victims. According to Der Spiegel, even Breivik himself was surprised at this American’s support, and wrote him a reply saying: “I am absolutely interested in discussing ideological issues with you and am thinking about how we can work together.”

Breivik claims to have received supportive letters from people in 20 countries, and psychological expert Terje Tørrissen, tasked with investigating whether he is sane enough to stand trial, has stated his patient has received over 100 supportive letters from Sweden, Russia, Germany and Britain.

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Forts’ family urged him not to talk about his correspondence with Breivik, but he insisted on giving the interview, to praise what he called Breivik’s “pre-emptive war” on multiculturalism. “I believe he is a nationalist and a patriot,” Forts told the interviewer, “and not the terrorist neo-Nazi that the media portrays him to be.”

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