Reading While Eating for April 20: Munchies?

It's 4/20 today, which may explain why we're oddly hungry.

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Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

The Boston Celtics' mascot, "Lucky," loses his hat as he soars toward the basket during their game against the Orlando Magic at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, April 18, 2012.

Whoa, Dude: It’s that time of the year again, when 15-year-olds giggle and think we don’t know they’re talking about marijuana. To see what it feels like for them, try staring at this ad from a Canadian hemp store.  (Buzzfeed)

My Snacks Are Talking to Me: Ever wonder what the M’s on M&M’s stand for, and how they got there? Wonder no more. (Mental Floss)

Healthy Option: A recipe for cholesterol-friendly spicy brown rice cakes. (Divanee)

Happy Birthday, Hubble! An amazing photo for a very special telescope’s big day. (

How to Eat a Pizza: If you’re Prince, and you’re really hungry. Contains NSFW Prince song. (

No Holograms Allowed: Coachella’s worst-dressed celebrity attendees, which is really saying something. (GoFugYourself)

These Chickens Are Hungry: A pack of cute yet ravenous birds chase a cute yet terrified kid holding a bag of feed. We hear Tippi Hedren started out the same way. (Viral Viral Videos)