After 35 Years, Werner Herzog Figures Out John Waters Is Gay

The guy who directed 'Hairspray'? Nah.

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German filmmaker Werner Herzog specializes in movies that plumb the very depths of the human condition.  So the fact that he only recently began to suspect, after decades of friendship, that his friend John Waters — you know, the flamboyant film director — might be gay is a revelation for the ages.

Before we go further, it’s worth noting that this footage was originally filmed in 2007, for the documentary On the Ecstasy of Ski-Flying: Werner Herzog in Conversation with Karen Beckman.

(VIDEO: Q&A with Werner Herzog)

And it’s definitely worth pointing out that Herzog is not in the least bit homophobic but actually comes across rather sweetly in his evident naiveté. “For me, a man is a man. I cannot distinguish a gay man from a straight man,” he starts off by saying (actually, he starts off by saying that “A chair is a chair,” which is as about as Herzogian as it gets).

But then talk turns to how he was discussing Waters and the moment the penny dropped. “After 35 years of knowing John Waters, I turn to my wife and I say to her, ‘I have a feeling this man is gay.'” The audience instantly dissolves into laughter.

Herzog wasn’t remotely done, proceeding to praise his pal, “because I took him as John Waters. And I love the man, I love him dearly … he’s the boldest of the bold filmmakers. I wish I had the guts of this man, and he’s very, very dear to my heart — but for me this is a man. Yes, a man is a man.”

NewsFeed couldn’t agree more but nevertheless cannot wait for the rumored clips where Herzog discusses what bears do in the woods as well as ponder the possible religion of the Pope.

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