Heart Attack Grill Claims Another Victim

A woman suffered an apparent heart attack while eating at the Las Vegas restaurant.

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Joshua Lott / Reuters

Patrons dine at Heart Attack Grill.

You have to give Las Vegas’ Heart Attack Grill kudos: At least they know how to name a restaurant. Unfortunately, that doesn’t bode too well for the customers, as another recent patron has suffered an apparent heart attack while consuming one of the restaurant’s lard-encased cheeseburgers.

A woman lost consciousness after suffering an apparent heart attack while eating at the restaurant Saturday night, but is expected to make a full recovery, according to KTNV.

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The customer was reportedly smoking cigarettes and drinking a margarita while nursing the bacon-covered burger wrapped in buns dipped in lard. “I would say the woman gave her body every single thing it could handle and it finally gave out,” restaurant owner Jon Basso told the local Fox affiliate KVVU-TV. If any publicity really is good publicity, it’s another home run for his establishment, which boasts signs cautioning customers the food is bad for their health. Basso also parks an ambulance out front and lets those who weigh more than 350 pounds eat free. The Heart Attack Grill’s most dangerous menu item, the famed quadruple bypass burger, contains a whopping 8,000 calories.

In February, a man started sweating and shaking while eating a Triple Bypass. Customers thought it was a stunt and began taking pictures of him while he was in cardiac arrest. Thankfully, he survived.

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