Sex Scandal Press Briefing Livens Up ‘Take Your Kid to Work’ Day

Who would've thought a trip to the State Department would be so educational?

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Blend Images/Getty Images

See, kids? You always learn something interesting at mommy and daddy’s workplace. For certain schoolchildren at the State Department on Thursday, “Take Your Child to Work Day” may have doubled as an intro to sex ed — or at least, some kind of ed — when they sat in on a question-and-answer period about the Secret Service sex scandals.

According to Politico, prostitution was mentioned four times in the media briefing, “sex” seven times, “club” three times and “strippers” once, as kids in the crowd sat and listened.

“What a topic to be talking about on Bring Your Kids to Work Day,” State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said. “ Parents, you can explain all this later.”

Reporters for the most part seemed to overlook the underage members of the crowd, and pushed on with their questions about the scandals in Brazil and Colombia.

According to the transcript, one reporter pointed out that the audience was a little bit “different” than yesterday while another said he was trying to reword his sentence to meet a “G-rating” standard.

Apparently a father jokingly attempted to cover his daughter’s ears at one point.

Watch the Reuters video from the briefing here.

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