Watch: Girl on a Cell Phone Plunges Through the Pavement

Chinese teenager survives a 20-foot drop through an invisible sinkhole

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While walking along the street in Xian, China, a young woman unexpectedly fell through the sidewalk into a 20-ft.-deep sinkhole. According to The Telegraph, a passing taxi driver, Wang Wei, pulled over and rushed to help. He clung to underground cables as he descended into the cavity, but the shifting, unstable soil made it impossible to pull the girl out until emergency crews arrived with a ladder. Luckily, both the girl and the taxi driver survived.

China Central Television aired the footage from a surveillance video earlier this week. It has since gone viral, accruing more than 1 million views in two days. As ChinaSmack reports, subterranean water erosion caused the sinkhole, and this is not an isolated incident. Earlier this month in Beijing, a woman died after falling through the sidewalk into a pit of boiling water.

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