#JuiceGate: Michael Wolff Gets Thrown Out of Movie Theater

The journalist and Rupert Murdoch biographer live-tweeted his altercation with the NYPD; somehow, Mark Cuban is involved.

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Chris Ratcliffe/ Bloomberg/ Getty Images

Who would have thought that it would be a bag of juice that would bring down Michael Wolff? 

The Vanity Fair contributing editor, founder of Newser and author of 2008’s much-ballyhooed Rupert Murdoch biography live-tweeted his encounter with the police at New York City’s Sunshine Cinema this past Saturday after he attempted to bring his own beverage in for a screening of Damsels in Distress.  After an altercation with the theater’s manager, Wolff was told by the NYPD to leave the Lower East Side theater or be arrested. Wolff, angered by the injustices brought upon him, decided to bring the full wrath of twitter down on the seamy underbelly of the theater snack industry:

We would be a bit more sympathetic towards Wolff if he hadn’t been carrying his juice in a clear plastic bag. Everyone knows the cardinal rule of smuggling food into a movie theater is concealment. But one has to question: is it standard practice for police to show up at a movie theater over some spilled juice?  Wolff tweeted that he’d tried to reason with authorities:

After being swarmed by police outside the theater and failing to get his $26 refund for the Whit Stillman film he wanted to see, Wolff asked fellow twitter followers to email Sunshine Cinema owner Tim Nye to bring the plight of juice bringing customers to the forefront. Since then he’s doubled down on the fracas, even getting into a heated discussion with entrepreneur Mark Cuban on twitter over the legality of bringing juice to a movie theater.

We sense a possible book deal in the making.

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