Reading While Eating for May 1: May Day Edition

For today's lunch links: Occupy protests, 10 great springtime reads and things you didn't know about Hitler.

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Mike Segar/REUTERS

A protester affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement stands in the middle of Sixth Avenue during a protest march to Bank of America Headquarters in New York City May 1, 2012.

Happy May Day Everyone! Now Go Occupy Something. But first, read Rosie Gray’s story about how the NYPD and FBI rousted some Occupy Wall Street activists last night and gave them a stern talking to. (Buzzfeed)

Things Every Child Should Know: Groucho Marx once literally — literally — danced on Hitler’s grave. (Mental Floss)

10 Must-Reads for May: ‘Tis the season to enjoy nature’s grand pageant, unless it’s raining like crazy, in which case you should stay home and read a book.  (Flavorwire)

Kids These Days: American teens aren’t taking summer jobs anymore, and it’s basically turning them into jerks. (

This Rescue Dog Became a Seeing Eye Dog for Another Dog. Get tissues. (The Daily

Think This Kid Has a Future? Watch Jimmy Fallon’s 1998 audition video for Saturday Night Live. (Viral Viral Videos)