Watch: Dog’s Owner Returns From War

A faithful pet is surprised when his owner, a returning soldier, makes a sudden appearance

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The sight of a soldier returning from war is an image that can bring a tear to the eye of even the weariest of souls. Whether it’s a Norman Rockwell painting, a Zac Efron movie, a Budweiser commercial or a viral video of a soldier surprising the heck out of his daughter or his wife or his grandmother, a soldier’s homecoming can be heartwarming, tear jerking, or sometimes funny.

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But it’s not just a soldier’s friends and family who miss him or her while they’re away. Their pets miss them too. If you don’t believe that, meet Ranger. The German Shepard was having an ordinary day playing fetch in his backyard. That all changed when he ran after a long throw. When he came back with the ball in his mouth, he was greeted by his owner, a soldier just returned home. The dog was so excited to see his owner he forgot to put the ball down. Watch the video, but don’t forget the tissues. You’ll need them.

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