Lost Parakeet Makes Its Way Home After Reciting Address to Police

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Jim Boud / Getty Images

There’s no place like home. But if your feet are too small for ruby red slippers, the next best way to get there may be simply to recite your address to police officers. That’s how a pet parakeet, on the loose in Japan, returned to his owner’s house after escaping this week, AFP reports.

On Sunday, the bird fled its home in Sagamihara, west of Tokyo, and was soon found and turned over to local authorities. After two days of keeping quiet, on Tuesday he recited the city, district, block and street number of his owner’s residence. The owner, a 64-year-old woman, had lost her previous pet parakeet when it too flew away. This time, she was determined to prevent a similar fate, and taught her current pet to recite her address. She bought the bird, named Piko-Chan, at a pet shop two years ago, and made sure he knew his address right away. When put to the test, he certainly passed, and is now back home safe and sound.

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