Watch ‘Texting While Driving’ Get Put to the Test, Literally

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What if you were forced to text and drive at the same time? It’s probably not the smartest idea idea in the world, but it might actually drive home the message about texting behind the wheel.

A video filmed in Brussels, Belgium does its part to help scare new drivers: in it, several driving students are told that a government mandate requires them to prove they can text while driving. The test instructor even holds up a copy of the fake decree before dictating messages they must send while navigating around an obstacle course. Each of the drivers handily complies with his requests, but frequent gasping and heavy braking might forever scare them from future attempts.

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How did they do? Let’s look at one of the calmest moments. While the instructor inspects a driver’s text message, he makes an astute observation: “Look at how you wrote scool.”

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