And The Smuttiest City In America Is…

Here's one prize that mayors won't be hanging on their City Hall wall.

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This may be one award that won’t end up on the walls of City Hall anytime soon. Men’s Health magazine has recently called out the smuttiest cities in the U.S., and its an eye-opening look at what goes on behind closed doors.

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The intrepid researchers at Men’s Health took to the Internet for their research, adding up the number of DVDs purchased, rented, or streamed (courtesy; adult entertainment stores per city (; rate of porn searches (Google Insights); and percentage of Cinemax-subscribing households (SimplyMap) to get an overall picture of municipal smuttiness. They then collated the information and came up with a list of 100 cities that have some ‘splainin to do.

The results? Well it’s unlikely that Disney World hometown Orlando is going to be mentioning this report in their tourism pamphlets any time soon. Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, and St. Petersburg also appear on the list, which means the entire state of Florida may want to make sure their grandmas don’t see this issue of the magazine. (Or maybe the grandmas will be upset that their grandkids are finally on to them.)

But while Florida may be blushing, it’s California that reigns supreme. San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Riverside, Bakersfield, San Jose, Fresno, Los Angeles, Stockton, Oakland and Anaheim all make the top 90. (With all that sunshine and good weather you would think Californians would spend more time outside.) Other states that may want to avoid making eye contact in the halls of Congress are North Carolina (Raleigh, Winston-Salem and Charlotte) and Texas (Austin, Houston, Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi and El Paso).

Here’s the top ten porn capitals of the U.S.:

1. Orlando, Fla.

2. Las Vegas, Nev.

3. Wilmington, Del.,

4. Raleigh, N.C.

5. Charlotte, N.C.

6. Minneapolis, Minn.

7. Atlanta, Ga.

8. Tampa, Fla.

9. Anchorage, Ak.

10. Austin, Tex.

However, there are still a few places that, in the words of Men’s Health, “avert their eyes”: the bottom 10 cities on the list:

91. Norfolk, Va.

92. Fargo, N.D.

93. Lincoln, Neb.

94. Toledo, Ohio

95. Laredo, Tex.

96. Lubbock, Tex.

97. Charleston, W.V.

98. Winston-Salem, N.C.

99. Baton Rouge, La.

100. Jackson, Miss.

Maybe the mayors of those cities really do want a plaque to hang on their wall.

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