Harvard Baseball Team Wants You to Call Them, Maybe

The best part about this choreographed web video? It gives us an excuse to listen to an irritatingly catchy song a few more times.

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They may have been recently eliminated from the Ivy League title race, but Harvard’s baseball team is batting 1.000 in our hearts.

Racking up a casual 2 million views in five days, the Ivy Leaguers’ choreographed lip dub version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s infectious single “Call Me Maybe” started as a remedy for road trip-induced boredom, but quickly became a hot Internet sensation.

The clip drags just a bit at first (one of the two guys in the frame is actually deep into a nap), but the promise is there. And indeed, as the song’s tempo picks up, so does the video. Who would have thought a bunch of varsity Harvard athletes could be so carefree?

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“It plays against a lot of stereotypes of Harvard guys; we’ve having a fun time being totally goofy. I’m sure everyone thought we’d be reading books on the way,” senior and Crimson infielder Jeff Reynolds told CBS Boston. “I think it’s funny because it’s just a group of normal guys having a good time to kind of a girly song,” added fellow senior and pitcher Conner Hulse.

The athletes didn’t expect the video to blow up to such an extent, and soon saw their YouTube fame as an opportunity to promote the team charity, Friends of Jaclyn, a mentorship program that pairs young brain tumor patients with college athletes. The team posted a link to the organization’s website just beneath the video, and bam — catchy song, top-notch choreography and charity. Home run.

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