Happy Birthday, Mark Zuckerberg! Here’s the Perfect Gift

No Silicon Valley CEO should come to Wall Street without the latest in high fashion: a pinstripe hoodie.

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George Frey / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg sports a zip-up hoodie during an event at Brigham Young University on Friday, March 25, 2011.

Today our favorite CEO turns 28. But what do you get the guy who seems to have it all — IPOs, a movie chronicling his life, a website that changed the world? Maybe an upgrade to his wardrobe?

Last week Zuckerberg spawned criticisms for wearing a hoodie when meeting with potential IPO investors in New York. When you’re asking for billions of dollars it does seem a little outlandish to not even throw on a collared shirt. On the other hand, there aren’t that many 28-year-old billionaire CEOs out there, so Zuckerberg has always done things a bit differently.

After Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, called Zuckerberg immature on Bloomberg TV, supporters of Facebook and hoodies alike fought back. Zuckerberg’s hoodie even has a twitter handle.

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Luckily, bastions of casual cool  have a sartorial solution for Wall Street strictness. Behold: Betabrand’s new Executive Pinstripe Hoodie, selling for $148, is “crafted from 100% superfine merino wool, the same exquisite fabric found in fancy-schmancy tailored suits,” according to its site.  Now Zuckerberg can throw a bone to the Wall Street fashion police while still maintaining his own dignity (and comfort).

But if you feel a little cheap giving the billionaire CEO one measly sweatshirt, may we suggest some additions:

Dress Sweatpants: A California (and much more stylish) version of the Pajama Jeans, these pants look like trousers but feel like sweatpants. Gives a whole knew meaning to “casual Friday.”

A Pair of Dandy Socks: the “secret handshake” of the Silicon Valley, these socks will add a little flair to Zuckerberg’s sneakers

A $100 pair of Underwear: Because everyone deserves a bit of pampering now and then.

With these new additions no one will be calling  Zuckerberg unprofessional. Looks like our little Internet entrepreneur is all grown-up.

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