Worst Wheel of Fortune Fail Ever

Hey, 'Zach' from Reed College: We feel for you.

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“It’s a weird game and you just never know, I’m really sorry.” That’s all the consolation that Pat Sajak could offer a red faced Wheel of Fortune contestant this week who overlooked the obvious and failed to guess the “W” in “Magic Wand.”

Zach, a senior at Reed College majoring in History, has his own brain flub  enshrined on YouTube. In front of an audience that included his mom and girlfriend, the student guessed all the letters up to  “Mag_c”  “_and”  in one try. Things didn’t go well in the “ten seconds to guess the rest” portion.

“Magic Hand!, Magic Band!, Magic Yand!, Sand! Vand! Cand! Janed! Pand! Fand! Band! [Buzzer] Wand! WAND! OH!”, he sputtered.

Unfortunately, Zach guessed all the combinations in those precious seconds with the sound of the word “And” in his head, and he admitted as much. (Humorously, the YouTube upload included deems his Fortune moment as “The Curse of AND” which seems appropriate). On the plus side, however, he did nab $19,950 for his appearance. Which, we have to say, is probably a fair trade for some mild Internet infamy.

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