This Is the ‘Thank You Facebook Song’

IPO'ed out? Take a break and 'like' this video.

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Peel yourself away from the Mark Zuckerberg wealth-o-meter for a minute. On a day where everything online has been consumed by  the triumphant Facebook IPO vortex, it’s only appropriate that there’s a proper celebratory viral video/song to commemorate the moment.

And here it is: via The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal, we’ve just been introduced to “Thank You Facebook.” And it’s either a clever satire parodying  star-studded ensemble fundraising songs or…is just a earnest tribute to a corporation. Or both? Niether? Here’s some of the lyrics:

Facebook — (I wanna thank you)
I wanna thank you
For bringin’ to me
the world community – yeah…

Everyday – you lift me up
When you notify me
Makin’ the news – when I share
What’s goin’ on with me

“Our song simply expresses gratitude. The gratitude we feel for our dear friends & family & gratitude to Facebook for connecting us. Thank YOU!” reads the message on the song creator’s Facebook page.

And, meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg’s now north of $20 billion.