WATCH: The Most Embarassing Lamborghini Crash Ever

If you happen to smash up your $225,000 sports car, better hope nobody has their camera out.

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If you happen to find yourself stopped at a red light behind a Lamborghini Gallardo, its driver revving his engine, get out your smartphone. Because you know something awesome is going to happen.

That’s what a group of friends in the Chicago suburb of Wheeling, Ill. was thinking, and they sure weren’t disappointed.

“He’s gonna fly,” one of the passengers predicted as they waited at the light. Sure, if by “fly” you mean “fly out of control”. The $225,000 car peeled out after the traffic light turned green and lost control while rounding the corner onto Wheeling Road, veering into oncoming traffic, where it came to rest wedged between two (laughably inferior) cars.

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It’s a classic example of taking pleasure in someone else’s misery – in this case, someone far richer, and more pompous, than us average drivers. It’s no surprise that the video has garnered nearly seven million hits on YouTube in just four days.

The Gallardo’s driver, William Whitaker, told police he “just lost it” as he turned the corner. Whitaker was issued a citation for “failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident.”

When CBS Chicago went to question Whitaker about the accident, reporter Brad Edwards asked him simply, “What happened?” Whitaker, speaking through the call box at his gated community in Hawthorn Woods, Ill., could only muster a long sigh before saying he expected a better question from the journalist.

Sure, he wrecked his expensive car. But the damage to his ego is probably priceless.

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