Bill Murray Refuses Autograph, Stars in Fan’s Movie Trailer Instead

As a great man once said, no one will ever believe you.

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It never hurts to ask. At least that’s what filmmaker David Walton must have thought when he opted to ask Bill Murray to appear in his fake movie trailer rather than requesting a simple autograph.

Murray’s one of the most elusive and eccentric characters in Hollywood, a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in golf pants, and this kind of spontaneous decision making seems pretty in character for a guy who doesn’t have a manager and has been known to crash strangersparties. And the results are as good as you’d hope: Murray walks down a hallway in a dramatic, slow-motion scene a la Wes Anderson, dubbed over with a Kinks song. It’s not clear when the trailer was filmed, but the clip was discovered via Reddit last week.

Though the trailer is fake — there’s unfortunately no forthcoming film called A Film about Walking in Slow Motion —  it pays homage to Murray’s proclivity for Wes Anderson movies. Check out his latest one, “Moonrise Kingdom,” which is out in limited release.

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