Woman Documents Stolen iPhone Adventures on Facebook

iPhones are the new travelling gnomes.

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Vincenzo Lombardo/Getty

When a Disney cruise passenger lost her iPhone last month, she thought it was gone forever. But then, like the Hubble Space Telescope, it began to send pictures back from its peregrinations. The iPhone, automatically programmed to upload new photos to Katy McCaffrey’s Apple iCloud account, began transmitting portraits of the alleged phone thief posing with his girlfriend and some pals. McCaffrey decided to upload the photos to Facebook in a gallery entitled ‘Stolen iPhone Adventures‘ and add satirical captions.

While Katy’s actions were clever, the apparent iPhone pirate’s were not. He took pictures of himself wearing his Disney Cruise employee badge, revealing his first name, “Nelson,” according to McCaffrey’s Facebook album. He also didn’t wipe her phone before using it.

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McCaffrey first put the photos in a private album, but following encouragement from her friends, she made it public last Monday. Since then, it’s been shared more than 3,000 times. Disney Cruises has confirmed that McCaffrey’s phone has been recovered and an employee placed on administrative leave. The company says it has contacted McCaffrey and is “working on making it right with her.” For her part, McCaffrey told MSNBC that in the meantime, she’s hoping for “some free passes to Disneyland.”

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