Angry Birds Looks to Cash in With Themed Credit Card

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Courtesy Promsvyazbank

Do you remember the days when Angry Birds only appeared on your smartphone. Rovio, the game’s creator, has missed nary a branding opportunity for their loveable yet hot-tempered high-fliers. Shelves full of stuffed toys were just the beginning. Rovio’s creations have now spread across t-shirts, sneakers, underwear of all sorts, Halloween costumes, cookbooks, and (currently in production) a movie and an Angry Birds Theme Park.

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You can get the game on your phone, TV, Facebook account, and even on your actual tabletop, in board game form. The world spent $106 million on Angry Birds merchandise in 2011, and the various iterations of the game — which have sent the birds everywhere from Rio de Janiero to outer space — have been downloaded more than a billion times since the original game was first launched in December 2009.

Rovio now hopes we’ll extend the spending spree with an Angry Birds-themed credit card. Russia’s Promsvyazbank, the country’s 10th largest financial institution, will release a card featuring images of Rovio’s famous bulbous birds on June 4th. The initial printing will launch 100,000 cards into the hands of Angry Birds fans in Russia.

Aside from the card’s promotional aesthetic, there seem to be rather few perks. It’s basically a shameless branding opportunity that might only remind us to play the game even more than we already do. But for those Angry Birds super-fans who will gravitate toward the card, holders will be encouraged to beef up their collections of Angry Birds memorabilia. When using the card, they’ll get 10 percent off every bird-branded item that Rovio puts its stamp on, according to The Moscow News.

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