WATCH: Couple Wears Matching Outfits Every Day for 35 Years

Because nothing says true love quite like complimentary clothing.

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After 65 years of marriage, Mel and Joey Schwanke believe they have discovered the secret to wedded bliss: their wardrobe.

“We don’t go somewhere without having matching outfits,” Mel, 86, told local broadcaster KETV.

The Freemont, Neb. couple has 146 custom-made matching outfits, which they wear together while working at the flower shop they’ve run for six decades (which explains their preference for floral patterns).  But the Schwankes can’t exactly recall what jump started their complimentary styling.

“Oh goodness sakes, no, I don’t remember how the first outfit came about,” Mel said, noting they’d worn matching outfits since at least 1976.

According to KETV, the shop has been in Joey’s family since 1896. “It’s the oldest business in Fremont,” she said.

According to Mel, Joey, 81, gets the honor of picking their outfits each day.