WATCH: Florida Man Chases People Dressed as a Zombie. Not a Great Idea

Pro tip: Don't run around Miami dressed as a likely face-chewer this week.

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Public service announcement: It’s probably better to wait until Halloween to dress up as a zombie this year.

A local man decided to have a little innocent fun by dressing up in bloody, ripped clothes and staggering around scaring Miami residents — just days after a grisly cannibalistic homicide sparked Internet rumors of a coming zombie apocalypse.

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That said, much of this video is pretty funny — although the tie-bandana look is more office-drone-at-a-Springsteen-concert than slavering-member-of-the-undead. And the video almost backfires badly, twice: once in the middle, when, filmmakers claim, a pedestrian carrying a gun comes very close to taking out wannabe zombie. (The video is far too lo-res to tell either way.) And less equivocally at the end, which is worth sticking around to watch.

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