WATCH: Obama Sings ‘Call Me Maybe’ (Sort Of)

Okay, so the President doesn't actually 'sing' the song, it's just a clever mashup of his speeches. But hey, wouldn't it be great if he did?

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Just when you thought the “Let’s lip dub/sing/dance/do bus choreography to ‘Call Me Maybe'” trend was over, it’s back — like some Internet meme zombie bent on devouring all our brains. (Oh, wait, that’s this story.)  With Americans clamoring to have their YouTube versions of Carly Rae Jepsen’s inescapable earworm watched by more people than just their friends, we’ve now gotten sucked in by a Barack Obama lip-dub.

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Fadi Saleh, a 19-year-old who runs the Baracksdubs YouTube channel — featuring video mashups of President Obama’s speeches with pop songs — partnered with MTV Act to create his latest mix-masterpiece: editing together snippets of Obama’s public statements in order to make him ‘sing’ the pop track.

Sure, the video is a short one, at just over one minute of faux singing. But it illustrates yet again that YouTube is a treasure-trove of just about anything, and that no trend is too played out to capitalize on. The only thing that would bring this meme back now, we think, would be if Obama really did sing the song. Where’s Jimmy Fallon when you need him?

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