Kanye West’s $245 Air Yeezy II Sneakers Sell Online for $90,000

A pre-order pair of the highly anticipated, limited edition Nikes have already been snapped up on eBay for the price of a new Lexus.

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Brace yourselves, sneaker freaks: The Nike Air Yeezy II, designed by rapper Kanye West, is set to hit stores worldwide on June 9th and has already caused a frenzy. People have been camping outside shoe stores hoping to score a pair of the limited-edition kicks, according to TMZ.

But the sneaker is so highly anticipated that a pre-ordered pair was sold on eBay this Wednesday for a whopping $90,300 after 84 bids. The retail price for the Air Yeezy II is $245.

Nike will only release a limited number of pairs in select stores, the company says on its website.

The sneaker is the second installment of the Air Yeezy, which first debuted in 2009. It comes in platinum and black and features anaconda textured leather, glow-in-the-dark soles and a slimmer, sleeker design molded on Kanye’s own foot.

Some have wondered whether the outrageous eBay bid was a publicity ploy from West himself. One Yahoo! contributor speculated that the rapper intentionally bid up the price under a pseudonym in order to hype the shoes.

If he did, it’s definitely working. The Air Yeezy II’s debut has been called the most anticipated shoe release in history. Which would be a nice change for West, whose ready-to-wear line of women’s fashion debuted last fall to less-than-stellar reviews.

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