Imminent Zombie Apocalypse Prompts Run on ‘Zombie Bullets’

The latest outbreak of zombie cannibal bath salt hysteria has prompted a run on a Nebraska company's special anti-Zombie ammo.

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Worried about recent bouts of rampant cannibalism? Fearing an onslaught of the undead? Well, fear not: you can now prepare for Zombiegeddon with a new line of specially engineered zombie bullets — while supplies last.

Hornady Manufacturing Company, a Nebraska-based ammunition maker, is promoting its line of Z-Max zombie bullets as “specifically designed to vaporize zombie varmints.” Since killing zombies, as everyone knows, requires taking out the brain,  the Z-Max line boasts “Ultra-flat trajectories [that] send mangy menaces to the varmint graveyard.” These bullets are built, as Hornady’s website puts it,  to “make dead permanent.”

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But before you rush out to fill your survival bunker with special anti-zombie ammunition, please note that the product’s more of a gimmick than anything else. The Observer reportsthat the bullets are mostly a product of company owner Steve Hornady’s affection for zombie flicks, plus a dash of clever marketing and some good timing. Company spokesperson Everett Deger took pains to tell Detroit-based WWJ Newsradio that the ammunition is to be used only on targets, and definitely not on people — undead or otherwise.

But despite the lack of anything that would make a round of Z-Max more likely to take out a zombie than any other bullet, Deger said the Z-Max bullets are already Hornady’s most successful product. The company seems to suspect that the booming sales numbers are a result of the product’s “cool” packaging and cross-market appeal.

But as the zombie apocalypse draws ever closer, NewsFeed knows the true reason this product has flown off the shelves: Just in case.

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