‘Canadian Psycho’ Cleared in Florida Killing

Luka Rocco Magnotta, accused of murdering and dismembering a man in Montreal last month, has been cleared of involvement in a similar case in Miami.

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Berlin Police / Reuters

Luka Rocco Magnotta is shown after his arrest in this June 4, 2012 by the Berlin police.

Luka Rocco Magnotta, the Canadian porn star accused of killing and dismembering a man in Montreal late last month, has officially been cleared from rumors of his involvement in a Miami murder.

Following reports that Magnotta may be connected to a January slaying near Hollywood, Miami police began a brief investigation into whether the suspected murderer could be tied to the death and dismemberment of Omar Laparra, a Guatemalan immigrant who disappeared after a night of drinking in 2009. Although the details of this murder were not identical to Magnotta’s alleged actions in Montreal, local police opened an inquiry because of evidence that the porn star had been in Miami at the time.

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“In the Canadian case, it appeared to be domestic, and the killer knew the victim, while in our case, it appears to be random,” Miami Police Sgt. Confesor Gonzalez told the Miami Herald. “Nonetheless, in the interest of being thorough, we will follow up with Montreal police.”

Body parts belonging to Laparra, 21, were discovered floating in different parts of Miami-Dade County waterways in June 2009. And although no leads were ever publicized, it momentarily looked like police had caught a break when the Canadian Press reported someone using the username luka-magnotta posted on car websites purporting to live in Miami in 2010.

Still, CBS Miami reports that police have dismissed Magnotta as a suspect because of evidence from Canadian authorities that he was not in the area when the murder occurred.

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