Someday Bristol Palin Might Decide She’s Interested In Running For Office

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Bristol Palin has clearly learned from the list of shrewd politicians rumored to either be eyeing the White House in 2016 or to be picked as Mitt Romney’s running mate this summer. As Daily Intel noted, the daughter of Senator John McCain’s former veep pick seems to know there’s little upside to saying “no” to a hypothetical candidacy, no matter how implausible it may currently appear to be.

So, when Sean Hannity wanted to grab a few headlines for his program on Thursday, he asked Sarah Palin’s daughter, “Ever think about running for politics?” Bristol, on Fox News to promote her new reality show Life’s a Tripp, laughed. “Not anytime soon,” she responded. As any pundit knows, anything but a curt “no” equals faint possibility.

That “means the door’s open,” Hannity queried. “Yeah, I don’t think I’d shut it completely yet,” she answered. “I’m only 21, but, not anytime soon.”  For those counting, that still “leaves the door open” for a tabloid-ready political race pitting Bristol Palin against her memoirist ex-boyfriend, Levi Johnston–who at one time had filed papers to run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

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