Pro-Biking Mayor Recovering after Bike Accident

Fort Worth mayor Betsy Price suffered a concussion and broken collarbone after taking a spill on a bad patch of gravel.

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Brandon Wade/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway

Mayor Betsy Price leads a group of underprivileged children on a ride during the Annual Tree Lighting and Speedway Children's Charity Ceremony at Texas Motor Speedway on November 29, 2011 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price is an avid cyclist who regularly bikes up to 125 miles a week and organizes rides in the city like “Tour de Fort Worth.” She holds weekly town hall meetings on wheels, which include a bike ride and discussion with fellow cycling members of the community.

Now, Price is recovering following a nasty bike accident Saturday morning, CBS Dallas Fort Worth reports, when she took a bad spill on a dangerous patch of gravel while out biking with her husband. The mayor, who was knocked unconscious, was taken to a hospital where she was treated for a concussion, broken collarbone, road rash, and bruising.

Price’s Chief of Staff, Jason Lamers, said the mayor was released from the hospital and has been resting at home.

Price, who has used the incident to highlight the importance of bike safety, says she’ll be back in the saddle as soon as she’s fully recovered, maybe even within the month.

“I took a spill on the bike this morning, but I’m okay aside from some scrapes, a concussion, and a broken collar bone. Ouch!” Price tweeted Saturday morning. “Fortunately, my helmet stayed on. It could’ve been worse. Please be sure to strap on that helmet before you hop on your bike!”

With mayors across the country touting bicycling as a healthy, green alternative to commuting without appearing to do much biking themselves, it’s nice to see a city leader putting her money (or head) where her mouth is.  We have a feeling Price will be calling up her favorite citizens for a bike ride and brunch in no time.