WATCH: Bill Murray’s Heartfelt Minor League Baseball Hall of Fame Speech

Bill Murray: actor, comedian, Minor League Hall-of-Famer.

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This may well be one of the more captivating minor league baseball Hall of Fame induction speeches you’ll stumble across. Actor Bill Murray, who also happens to be co-owner of the Class A Charleston Riverdogs baseball team, didn’t just take the podium to give an acceptance speech or to dish out a few one-liners earlier this week. Even if he delivered a few anyway.

“I have no prepared remarks, I want you to know that,” Murray said. “I don’t understand why I’m being inducted into the Hall of Fame. I’m not going to say no. No one’s ever asked me to be in a Hall of Fame before. This is a first, so I’m going all the way with it.” And he does.

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In an SB Nation video that appears to be drenched in imitation Wes Anderson sepia tones, Bill Murray gave a speech that was much less stand up comedy and more heartfelt rumination on his love for baseball and co-ownership of the Charleston Riverdogs. (His title aside from co-owner is “Director of Fun,” and  judging by his ability to make even a rain delay entertaining, you can see why Murray’s attained Hall of Fame status).

Of course, Murray is an actor who can read from the dictionary and make it interesting. So, when he describes how his baseball team finished out their year after a winning season, it’s more than entertaining. His whole remarks range from choosing to wear a terribly clashing jacket, memories of Wrigley field in Chicago, the best corndog he’s ever had, and a “two horses sitting in a bar” joke.

“This is probably the biggest honor I’ve ever had,” said Murray in an accompanying SB Nation interview, although he added: “I did win a Golden Globe once and I was nominated for an Oscar and I’ve won some other kind of things like that.”