How Bad Is Paris Hilton’s DJing? Deadmau5 thinks it’s the Mayan Apocalypse

The always-ready-to-offend DJ and producer once said that anyone "given about 1 hour of instruction" could be a DJ. Apparently that doesn't extend to reality TV stars.

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Deadmau5 has no problem picking fights. The producer and DJ also known as Joel Zimmerman has picked fights with everyone from DJ David Guetta to Madonna. He even strode the red carpet at the Grammy Awards with his friend Skrillex’s phone number emblazoned on his chest and a question “U mad bro?” Now Deadmau5 has his sights set on Paris Hilton.

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The heiress has been globetrotting with up-and-coming DJ Afrojack and when video surfaced of the Hilton heiress in the DJ booth working some buttons, wearing headphones, and dancing, it was too much for Deadmau5. While just a few days ago the famed DJ posted an article on Tumblr entitled “We All Hit Play,” in which he claimed that anyone “given about 1 hour of instruction” could be a DJ, apparently the “no talent required” argument didn’t extend to reality television stars. Deadmau5 took to Twitter to protest what he saw as a sign of the end times posting a link to the above video of Hilton behind the decks, dancing to a dance remix of Gotye,, and declared “It’s over”.

He then added, “To be fair… the mayans saw this s— coming.”

The DJ is so far unapologetic about his attacks on Hilton. His opinions on what he deems faux DJs and celebrity comers are well-documented in his blog. While his method for getting his message out are crude and probably intentionally controversial, Deadmau5 has a knack for nailing it. Now his rants are starting to energize the electronic dance music community and people are showing their support for his critiques of the business. In a post on his blog, Deadmau5 admitted that he “might have pissed off more people than I would have liked to”:

All im trying to do, is put on my life jacket and swim as far away from this shipwreck as fast as i can. Because in all honesty, i just wanna be in the studio, making electronic music, and expressing myself by means of sitting in a comfy chair with my cat and my equipment… and of course, occaisionally strap on a foamy mau5head get on the road and press a few buttons for you guys 😉

The fans undoubtedly appreciate his efforts on their behalf, while the cynics among us might think the DJ was just trying to get more attention for his Ray Bradbury inspired song “The Veldt,” which was released on Monday. All publicity is good publicity when you’re a superstar DJ. Watch Deadmau5’s new video here: