TIME Publishes Special Issue on Health Care Decision

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TIME is releasing a special issue on the Supreme Court’s health care decision to hit newsstands on Monday, July 2. It will be available on tablets Saturday, June 30.

The cover image of the new issue, shown here, features a photograph of Chief Justice John Roberts with the cover line “Roberts Rules: What His Landmark Decision Means for Obama, Romney, the Court — And You.”

TIME published its regularly-scheduled issue today featuring a cover story on Egypt titled “The Revolution That Wasn’t.”   The Egypt cover story will hit newsstands tomorrow, Friday, June 29 and is available on tablets the same day. The special health care issue will replace the Egypt issue on newsstands Monday and remain on sale until the next regularly-scheduled issue hits newsstands on Friday, July 13.

The TIME health care special issue will feature a cover story by TIME’s David Von Drehle, columns by Joe Klein and Rana Foroohar, analysis from TIME’s Michael Crowley, Michael Scherer, Kate Pickert and Alex Altman and much more.

Since the news of the health care decision broke this morning, TIME.com has been covering the story extensively. See below for more of our continuing coverage:

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