‘Anti-Cheating Ring’ Designed as Marriage Reminder

A ring that leaves a whole word instead of a scarlet letter.

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Some people get ring tans during the summertime. Others can now have “I’m Married” temporarily engraved on their finger, thanks to a new ‘anti-cheating’ ring.

For $550, anxious spouses can buy peace of mind in the form of a band of strengthened titanium.

TheCheeky.com offers the loaded piece of jewelry as “wedding ring for people intent on cheating.” Though plain on the outside, the interior has a negative engraving that leaves a somewhat-legible mark on the would-be cheater’s finger.

Though the product page advertises the ring as a surefire way to thwart “Arnold, Tiger and two-timing IMF guy” — we assume they’re referring to embattled French politician Dominique Strauss-Khan — from slipping off a wedding band when an attractive prospect approaches, one has to wonder if some lightly raised bumps are deterrent enough in the heat of the moment.

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