Colorado Wildfires as Seen from Space

The fires tearing through Colorado and other U.S. states were captured by a camera on the International Space Station.

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The fires raging through Colorado and other western U.S. states are already some of the worst in memory, with the Waldo Canyon fire being called the worst in Colorado state history. It’s destroyed 346 homes and caused at least one death so far, and officials are now calling it a “super fire”; Colorado Springs Fire Chief Rich Brown told the Today show earlier this week the blaze was “not even close” to being contained.

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The extent of the damage is even visible from space: here, a camera on the International Space Station reveals the long plumes of smoke left by the fires as it passes some 230 miles overhead.

President Barack Obama has declared Colorado a disaster area, allowing it to receive federal disaster relief aid. He plans to visit Colorado Springs on Friday, CNN reports.

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