Russell Terrier Joins the List of AKC-Registered Breeds

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Heidi Peters / Getty Images

They’re cute, playful and highly intelligent (just take Uggie’s word for it), and now the feisty Russell Terrier has been officially inducted into the American Kennel Club’s registry.

The Russell Terrier is the 175th breed to be recognized by the AKC, meaning that you will get to see these energetic pups strutting the dog-walk at shows throughout the year, including the National Dog Show, which takes place on Thanksgiving, and the always-entertaining Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

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According to the AKC, the Russell Terrier originated in England and was developed in Australia. The breed was primarily utilized as vermin-hunters (as most terriers are). Today, the Russell Terrier makes a great pet for an active family, as this type of dog does best when it’s constantly engaged (or, in Uggie’s case, winning awards, writing a memoir and putting his paw-prints on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame).

The Coton de Tulear, Spanish Water Dog and Miniature American Shepherd have also gained some acknowledgement this year by being added to the AKC’s Miscellaneous Class, which recognizes distinct breeds of purbred dogs but places limits on the contests they can enter.

Welcome to the party, pups!

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