WATCH: Everybody Trips on This One Subway Stair

After this video of a problematic Brooklyn subway staircase went viral, the MTA stepped in to fix the problem.

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There’s something undeniably entertaining about this recently-viral video documenting person after person tripping on the same step at a Brooklyn subway station. But it turns out the video’s purpose extends beyond merely amusing us. As the short video made its rounds across the Internet, it caught the attention of New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), which blocked off the staircase to begin repairs Wednesday, NBC New York reports.

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So what’s different about this particular stair, located at the 36th Street station in Sunset Park? And why is everyone tripping? It turns out that one of the steps is half an inch higher than the others — which is just high enough to send even the most coordinated climbers reeling. Filmmaker Dean Peterson, who frequents the station daily, noticed this engineering glitch and decided to document it, filming instance after instance of climbers stumbling — some steadying themselves and others falling straight down. Since the video hit the Internet Wednesday, it has garnered some 600,000 views.

Though the results are pretty humorous, the danger is evident, particularly when one man with a young child in tow lunges forward. (He’s able to steady himself with one hand, but, you know, still.) And indeed, the obvious danger prompted the MTA to step up rather swiftly. The staircase is now blocked off, though it’s unknown when the repairs will be completed.

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