Facebook Users Band together to Exile Pitbull to Alaskan Walmart

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Stephen Lovekin/ Getty Images

The Internet strikes again.

As part of a promotional contest for Energy Sheets a brand of caffeine-laced breath strips, rapper/singer/Miamian Pitbull has pledged to visit whichever Wal-Mart location receives the most likes on Facebook by July 15. When bloggers David Thorpe and John Hendren of the website Something Awful caught wind of the promotion, they launched the twitter hashtag campaign #ExilePitbull. Their goal: to send the ubiquitous singer to the most far-flung Walmart in the country — Kodiak, Alaska. Unsurprisingly, with the help of Twitter and Reddit, the campaign has spread faster than a Pitbull track makes its way up the pop charts, and there are now more than 65,000 likes on Walmart Kodiak’s Facebook page.

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To give him credit, Pitbull has taken the whole matter in stride and has even been joking about the campaign on Twitter. And the people behind the Energy Sheets promotion don’t seem too bothered that a bunch of pranksters hijacked their contest. Warren Struhl, founder and CEO of the company behind Energy Sheets, told CNN “I’ve known Pitbull for a few years now, and he’s up for a party – whether it’s around the corner, or you have to get there by three planes and a boat in between, as I understand it takes to get to Kodiak.”

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