Does This Baby Bikini Onesie Go too Far?

A novelty baby outfit is stirring up controversy among parents in Mississippi.

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Jeff Hutchens / Getty Images

Be it a miniature tuxedo, tiny tutu, or souvenir ensemble, the novelty onesie is one of the rites of parenthood. But this onesie imprinted with a itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot bikini is making some parents see red.

Some parents in Southaven, Miss., were outraged to find a baby onesie printed with a woman’s curvy midsection covered by a skimpy bikini 0n sale at the local Gordman’s department store. One of the aggrieved parents emailed their concerns to the local television station and WMC-TV‘s Action News team took to the streets to talk to local parents about the controversial onesie. (Watch the video here.)

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Local resident and parent Cathryn McKee thought the pseudo-skimpy outfit went too far. “I don’t think it’s appropriate for a small child,” said McKee. “I just think that is a little ridiculous that you would put that on your child.” Other parents, though felt the controversy was overblown. “I just think people overreact to stupid stuff I just don’t take offense to that at all,” said parent Jeannie Stanley to WMC-TV. A worker at Gordman’s corporate headquarters told WMC-TV that the company’s president was the only one authorized to comment and he was unavailable.

The clothing item in question is part of the Wild Child brand of the Bon Bébé clothing line. The brand’s line of novelty onesies include outfits with sayings like “Sorry Girls, No Dating Allowed” and “Ladies Love Me” — pithy expressions that some parents will find hilarious and others will find downright offensive. What’s a baby gift buyer to do? Puppies. Everybody likes puppies.

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