Reading While Eating for July 9: Fight Club

Today's links feature food fights, a Governor's boardwalk fight, and a fight to preserve hedgehogs.

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Joseba Etxaburu / Reuters

A recortador performs a pass during a contest at Pamplona's bullring on the third day of the San Fermin festival, July 8, 2012.

A hedge: Watch former British member of Parliament Ann Widdecombe make an impassioned argument for preserving hedgehogs—with plenty of adorable hedgehogs in the background. (BBC)

All aboard: As the U.S. reaches its limit on the number of smart, skilled foreign workers who can enter the country, a project called Blueseed plans to plant 1,800 of them on a cruise ship off the coast of San Francisco. (

“The Situation”: In a Jersey Shore-style scuffle, NJ Gov. Chris Christie lost his temper with a heckler and chased him down the boardwalk of Seaside Heights.  No Snookis were hurt during the brawl. Watch. (TMZ)

Play with your food: Spain’s La Tomatina, a tomato food fight, is one of the five food fights adults can take part in worldwide—and it didn’t originate from the age-old tom-AY-to vs. tom-AH-to debate. (Mental Floss)

Mad money: If Mad Men took place in the present, then Peggy would actually be making a pretty penny. (BuzzFeed)

Masters of the universe: Watch this dizzying timelapse video of oil-rich Dubai. (The Daily What)

Arthouse: The 20 most stunning museums. You’ll never guess what’s #1 (it’s not the Louvre). (Flavorwire)

Cartoon of the day: the Twitter version of Hitchcock’s The Birds. (The Week)

Candyland: Check out this sweet candy machine made out of Legos. (BuzzFeed)