Man Arrested After Posting Video of Himself Speeding

Pro tip: If you happen to take a video of yourself hitting 97mph in a Lamborghini, don't post it on YouTube.

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This is your daily reminder that if you hit “publish” on anything posted on a public website, everyone will be able see it. And yes, that means police too. We mention it because one Japanese executive seems to have missed this fairly basic rule when he took a 97-mile-an-hour jaunt in his Lamborghini Gallardo only to share the video on YouTube and get arrested for it, according to multiple outlets.

As Agence-France Presse reported, in 2010 the 38-year-old appears to have placed a camera on the dashboard of his vehicle as he was doing 97 mph in a 37 mph zone in the city of Hiroshima. Needless to say, the video’s viewers tipped off police to make the recent arrest, the news wire said. Police say the man faces up to $1,260 in fines or six months in jail time if convicted, Bloomberg reported.

While the original video was reportedly deleted, nothing ever seems to completely disappear from the web. Embedded above is what appears to be a news network’s narrated broadcast that preserved the high-speed clip, posted by the Tokyo Broadcast System, as both AOL’s Autoblog and The Daily Dot have pointed out.

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