Charlie Sheen Says Goodbye to Twitter

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Christopher Polk / Getty

Charlie Sheen—he of spicy tweets and #tigerblood fame—has signed off from Twitter for the last time.

The actor officially shut down the @charliesheen account on July 12. “Reach for the stars everyone,” he wrote in his final message. “Dogspeed cadre. c out.” As of Monday morning, his Twitpic account was still active. It displays his last message along with a photo of Tabasco sauce sitting on what appears to be the dashboard of an airplane.

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Sheen rose to prominence in the Twittersphere last March after a very public dispute with the makers of the TV series Two And A Half Men. The show went into hiatus in January so that Sheen, who bagged more than $1 million per episode, could enter rehab. But in February—after Sheen had publicly mouthed off about the show’s producers—CBS cancelled the rest of the season “based on the totality of Charlie Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition.”

The actor joined Twitter on March 6, and within hours his antics and inability to self-edit made Lindsay Lohan look like a model citizen. He immediately posted a photo of himself with girlfriend and porn star Bree Olson with the caption “Winning…! Choose your Vice.” Within 25 hours and 17 minutes he had a total of one million Twitter followers, earning him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for racking up followers more quickly than anyone in history. He also popularized the term “tiger blood,” which became the second-most used hashtag of 2011. In a year of revolutions, only #egypt proved to be more popular.

Sheen’s bizarre tweets turned him into Hollywood’s biggest piñata and one of the Internet’s most-followed celebs. As with most tweets, his were frequently mundane. “Woke up this morning and Mexico was calling my name!” he wrote in one. “Do I get a plane and head to Cabo..? Or… Do I just grab a couple tacos and chill?” But he was happy to share saucy thoughts with the public. “Had fun today with a candle called ‘one night stand’ from KM Fantasy,” he wrote in another message. “Check it out, the wax becomes hot oil! Do the math! Happy Mothers Day.”

Turns out he had plenty of real-time inspiration for his more salacious tweets. Over the weekend it emerged that he sometimes tweeted while engaged in adult behavior. Olsen, who remains on good terms with Sheen despite dumping him last April, said that Sheen inspired a lyric to her song “Hollywood Douchebag.” “He’s posting twitter tweets during sex with me,” the song goes. Speaking to the New York Post, she suggested his multi-tasking was kind of endearing. “He was really excited about Twitter,” she said. “I wasn’t offended by it at all. I thought it was more funny than anything.”

#tigerblood fans in need of their Sheen fix needn’t fret. His Facebook page remains up and running.

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