The Ultimate To-Go Cup: New Car Has Espresso Maker Built-In

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Italians sure do love their coffee, and for true connoisseurs a paper cup full of Starbucks just isn’t going to cut it. So what better solution than sticking a fully functioning espresso maker in the new Fiat 500L?

The Italian car company revealed this month that the latest version of the sporty hatchback will come with the option of a Lavazza coffee maker (complete with matching cups, a sugar container, and a spoon) right in the center console.

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Lavazza is more or less the Starbucks of Italy so it was a natural pairing – as natural as putting a coffee machine in a car could have been. Fiat called the machine “perfectly integrated in the car with a deck designed expressly by Fiat.” The “brewing flask” plugs into its own power source; just add water and coffee grounds and voila: mocha for the miles.

The car is due to hit Italian streets in October, then the rest of Europe, and make its way across the pond to the US in 2013. Don’t throw out your to-go cup just yet, though: it’s doubtful that the espresso maker will be an option in the American make, given the brewing controversy over driver distraction in the states.

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