WATCH: Man Catches Girl after Three-Story Fall

A New York bus driver saved a girl from possibly fatal plunge from an apartment window

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Seven-year-old Kayla McCree’s life could have ended after she fell out of a third-story apartment window Monday. Instead, she’s unharmed — and she has Steve St. Bernard to thank.

McCree, who is autistic, reportedly climbed out the window of her family’s third-floor apartment in Brooklyn, New York, and stood on the air conditioner on the outside of the house, PIX11 reports. Luckily for her, St. Bernard was one of the passersby who gathered below and watched her. He waited directly below the air conditioner. When Kayla lost her balance and fell, St. Bernard caught her—most likely saving her life.

“I just prayed that I’d catch her,” Stephen St. Bernard told the Associated Press. “‘Please let me catch her, please let me catch her.’ That’s all I could say.”

Kayla is unharmed, although St. Bernard tore a tendon in the save.

St. Bernard is a bus driver for New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority who has been with the MTA for ten years as of Monday. He is a father of four.

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