Burger King Employee Busted by 4Chan for Stepping on Lettuce

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4chan Screengrab

Users of the online bulletin board 4chan have banded together to track down an anonymous Burger King employee who posted a photo of himself stepping in buckets of lettuce about to be served to unwitting customers.

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The photo was captioned, “This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King.”

4chan is usually an anything-goes haven for cyber debauchery. “If you’re looking for obscenity, blasphemy, homophobia, misogyny and racial insults, you don’t have to dig too deep,” wrote TIME in a profile of its founder, a 24-year-old who is only known by the handle moot. This time, though, 4chan users pursued justice–and won.

It only took 15 minutes for 4channers to grab GPS data from the photo and pull up the address and telephone number of the precise Burger King location where the grotesque action had occurred.

What’s more impressive (and, actually, disturbing) is that a manager Cleveland-area Burger King in question said the perpetrator was a long-time employee that had no previous disciplinary incidents in his employment history.

Thankfully, according to the Cleveland Scene, both the employee and the shift manager on duty at the time will be fired.

UPDATE: According to the Associated Press, three workers have been fired over the incident, although Burger King Corp. has declined to comment on the circumstances in which the photo was taken.

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